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Feb 1, 2024


Experience the exceptional taste of Reserva Pacavita, a coffee born in western Honduras, surrounded by biological reserves and mountain ranges. Crafted with unwavering dedication by producers Silvestre Vasquez and Joel Lopez, this exceptional coffee manifests their commitment to quality.
Picture of basket with flowers with coffee plantation in background

Jan 1, 2022

Honduras - Lempira - El Carrizal

José Justino is a producer from the region of San Sebastián, Lempira. In 2007 he began purchasing land to begin growing coffee, which now includes farms in the Azacualpa community, La Mision village, San Antonio village, all in the San Marcos de Caiquin Municipality, Lempira. 
Image of structure ruin in Honduras

Nov 1, 2019

Honduras Pacavita Organic

This month Home Barista Coffee Club is a washed processed coffee from the Pacavita region of Honduras. The region features biological reserves and mountain ranges resulting in beautiful coffee cherries that are sun-dried once washed.