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Image of coffee tree in Sumatra.  On one branch there are bright red coffee cherries.

The Gayo Wet-Hulled is from 165 Farmers in the town of Takengon. The Gayonese are indigenous to Takengon and are referred to as “Urang Gayo”. The region around Takengon is well known for its coffee, and much of the economy depends on the coffee villages, who have to ship their coffee off to the big mills at a port city 15 hours away.

Origin:  Indonesia
Region:  Central Aceh
Zone:  Gayo Highlands
Variety:   Ateng 88 & Tim Tim
Altitude:  1500-1800 masl
Proc. Method:  Wet hulled
Tasting Notes:  Clean, Bright, Full Bodied, Dark Chocolate & Toffee
Sumatra Aceh Gayo Highlands
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