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Symphony Blend

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Symphony Blend - Medium Roast

Symphony Blend - a medium roast coffee that is carefully blended to create a perfect harmony of flavors from our favorite Central & South American coffees. Our expert roasters have combined Central American coffee with its smooth nutty flavor and South American coffee with its light acidity and body to create a coffee that is balanced, flavorful and perfect for everyday drinking.

With a medium roast level, Symphony Blend strikes a perfect balance between preserving the unique characteristics of each coffee bean while developing a rich flavor profile. This coffee has a light body and light to medium acidity, making it easy to drink and great for any time of day.

The Symphony Blend is sourced from Central & South America, where the coffee beans are carefully selected to ensure that every cup is packed with the authentic flavors of the region. With notes of cocoa, nuttiness, and a smooth finish, Symphony Blend is a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed black or with cream and sugar, making it a perfect choice for your daily coffee routine. Try Symphony Blend today and experience the symphony of flavors in every cup!

Roast Level: Medium
Body: Light
Acidity: Light/Medium
Origins: Central & South American

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, nutty with a smooth finish