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Image of coffee cherries on branch.  The cherries are dark red in colorl

El Salvador - Finca El Salvador

Our new coffee comes from Finca El Salvador, located in the heart of El Salvador. This medium-bodied roast features notes of blackberry and fruity sweetness, offering a unique and satisfying flavor profile that will surely please any coffee enthusiast. Sustainably sourced and expertly roasted, this coffee is a must-try for those looking to experience the taste of El Salvador in every sip.

Origin: El Salvador
Regions:  Apaneca – Ilamatepec
Producer:  Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1550' MASL
Proc. Method: Natural

Roast Level: Medium

Tasting Notes: Medium body & blackberry, fruity sweetness

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