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How much coffee should you use? Brewing Ratio Basics

So, you just received your latest Encore Coffee Club coffee, and you're ready to brew your first cup. So how much coffee should you use when brewing? Should you use more or less depending on how you brew? These questions and more will be answered in our latest blog. We will share the broad standards for how much coffee to use and introduce you to Brewing Ratios. Using Brewing Ratios will ensure consistently brew delicious coffee at home.

Broadly speaking, we recommend starting with 2 TBSP of coffee per 6 oz cup. This will get you close to the ideal amount of coffee for proper brewing. Adjust the amount used depending on the brewing method and of course, your personal preferences. 

However, to brew the best cup of coffee, its necessary to weigh the amount of coffee you use. Why? Lighter roast coffees and higher grown elevations coffees will weigh more than darker roasted or low grown elevation coffees. If you go by volume (TBSP’s), you will use different amounts of coffee each time you use a different coffee. Let’s take this simple example. We took a small glass container, filled it to the brim with three different coffees we sell. You will see the dark roasted Melody is less dense, and the lighter roast Rwanda is the densest. The difference between the lightest and heaviest is almost 10%, which can dramatically impact your brewed coffee. To simplify brewing, we highly recommend using Brewing Ratios. All that is needed is a few seconds and your standard kitchen scale.











No, that's not a bible verse. It's what we call a Brewing Ratio, which is a ratio of the weight of coffee to the weight of water. For most auto-drip brewing, we suggest starting with a 1:17 ratio, which is 1 part coffee for every 17 parts water. Now, this ratio isn't written in stone, and there is no "best ratio." Each coffee and brewing method will brew coffee slightly different. Just consider this the starting point for your first brewed cup and adjust for your personal taste preferences.

So how do you use a ratio? Grab a scale and a calculator... it takes only seconds. Let's use the example of making a 12oz cup of coffee using the 1:17 ratio. 

First, we must calculate the weight of the water. Water weighs 29.57 grams per fluid ounce, we simply multiply that value by 12 for the number of ounces of water.

12 oz x 29.57g = 354.84g total water weight

2) Next, we calculate the amount of coffee to be used. We simply divide the weight of the water by 17.

354.84 / 17 = 20.87g total coffee weight

IT'S THAT EASY!  Now a few minor notes. Coffee will absorb a small amount of the water; in our example, you will not yield a full 12 oz. of coffee. If you want a filled to the brim 12 oz. calculate the ratio based off of 13 oz. of water. Also, feel free to adjust to your personal taste preferences; use more or less depending on what you like!

1:15 Ratio - When less water is used, the coffee brewed will be slightly more concentrated and tend to be fuller-bodied and bright coffee.

1:18 Ratio - With more water is used, the coffee brewed will be slightly less intense, more mellow, and less bright.


Auto Drip



French Press



Filtron Cold Brew

Moka Pot

Pour Over

Siphon Brewer











Ratios may seem more complicated than is necessary, but I promise you, after a few times, you will quickly calculate the numbers and benefit with better-brewed coffee quality! Figuring out which coffee to water ratio you personally prefer is a matter of trial and error. Brew a few cups of coffee at different ratios to see how they taste. Ultimately, it's your decision, brew your coffee, taste, and adjust for personal preferences. Please contact us if you have questions about brewing the best possible cup of coffee at home!

Are you part of the Club?  Join our Home Barista Coffee Club and receive an exclusive hand-selected coffee every month.  For more info:  


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