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Coffee School

Black coffee storage container with lid

Nov 15, 2019

How to Store Coffee?

You just finished brewing the first pot of your latest Encore Coffee Club coffee; how do you properly store the fresh coffee? In the bag? Cabinet? Or step into the freezer? 
Three clear cylinders filled with coffee

Oct 24, 2019

How much coffee?

So, you just received your latest Encore Coffee Club coffee and are ready to brew your first cup. So how much coffee should you use when brewing? 
What’s the best way to brew coffee?  Coffee Brewers, Chemex, French Press

Oct 6, 2019

Best Way to Brew?

We are frequently asked, “What’s the best way to brew coffee?”.   Although the question sounds easy, there isn’t a ‘best’ method to brew coffee.  Coffee is a versatile ingredient and can be brewed in many ways. 
Label of PNG coffee bag

Oct 4, 2019

Understand Your Coffee Label

So, you want to brew the best-tasting coffee at home but are confused by all the information on your coffee bag label? Like most specialty coffee roasters, we provide a lot of information on our bags – but what does all this mean?