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Coffee of the Month

The image depicts a stunning sunset in Kenya with a tall tree silhouetted against the orange and yellow sky. The tree has numerous leafy branches and a textured trunk, and it stands out against the vast expanse of the horizon.

May 1, 2023

Kenya - Estate Peaberry

Our Kenya Estate Peaberry coffee is a truly exceptional coffee that will awaken your senses with its unique flavor profile. Sourced from carefully selected estates in Kenya, this peaberry coffee boasts a balanced flavor that is sure to delight any coffee lover's palate.
Image of coffee cherries on branch.  The cherries are dark red in colorl

Apr 1, 2023

El Salvador - Finca El Salvador

Our new coffee comes from Finca El Salvador, located in the heart of El Salvador. This medium-bodied roast features notes of blackberry and fruity sweetness, offering a unique and satisfying flavor profile that will surely please any coffee enthusiast. 
Image of young coffee plants in pots

Mar 1, 2023

Papua New Guinea - Simbai Balus Kopi

Papua New Guinea’s mountainous terrain with amazingly fertile volcanic soil is excellent for growing rich, vibrant Arabica coffee but not very good for transporting it.
Image consist of coffee cherries sitting on a table and basket.  The cherries range from orange to bright red.

Jan 1, 2023

Sumatra - Aceh Gayo Highlands

The Gayo Wet-Hulled is from 165 Farmers in the town of Takengon. The Gayonese are indigenous to Takengon and called “Urang Gayo.” 
Christmas tree with red, silver and gold ornaments

Nov 30, 2022

Happy Holidays Blend

Once again, we celebrate the Holidays by offering our Happy Holidays Blend as our coffee of the month for December.  This year's blend is made from two coffees - a natural processed coffee from El Salvador and a washed coffee from Guatemala.
Bag of Colombian coffee with backdrop of pallets of Colombian coffee

Oct 1, 2022

Colombia - El Tambo, Cauca

Our Colombian coffee is sourced from AMACA (Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca), a group of women producers in El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia
Mountainside with rows of coffee bushes

Aug 1, 2022

Chorus - Signature Blend

Chorus Blend is a bold, smooth, and slightly sweet coffee that is great for all brewing methods.  We use two South American coffee to add body, mild acidity, and chocolatey flavor and highlight with a touch of African coffee for sweetness.
Lush green coffee bush with green coffee cherries

Jul 1, 2022

Bolivia - Caranavi

Our July coffee of the month is a Cooperative blend from family producers in Taipiplaya, Caranavi, La Paz, and Bolivia.   This coffee is grown under organic certification and shade-grown in higher altitudes. 
mountainside of raised bed with coffee drying

Jun 1, 2022

Tanzania - Mbinga and Mbeye Coop

Our June coffee is a Cooperative blend from the top-producing farms in Tanzania's Mbinga & Mbeya regions.  These regions are located in the southwest of Tanzania and share borders with Zambia & Malawi.
Coffee bush with dark red cherries

May 1, 2022

Mexico - Organic Chiapas

The Chiapas Highlands are rich in rainfall and nutritious soil. The coffee farms at 1200-1750 MASL are naturally shaded by a lush forest canopy that blankets the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountains.
Mountain side of shade grown coffee bushes

Apr 1, 2022

Peru - Minca Organic

Our Peru coffee is a washed, processed coffee from the Chanchamayo and Satipo provinces.  These regions are between the Andes Mountains and the rainforest; Satipo is also known as the ceja de selva, or “jungle entrance.”
Picture of basket with flowers with coffee plantation in background

Jan 1, 2022

Honduras - Lempira - El Carrizal

José Justino is a producer from the region of San Sebastián, Lempira. In 2007 he began purchasing land to begin growing coffee, which now includes farms in the Azacualpa community, La Mision village, San Antonio village, all in the San Marcos de Caiquin Municipality, Lempira.