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Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle 1.2L

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The Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle is the ultimate tool for coffee lovers who crave a perfect pour over experience. Its sleek, stainless-steel design is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, making it a standout addition to any kitchen or coffee bar.

What sets the Buono Kettle apart is its slender spout, which allows for slow and steady pouring that is crucial for achieving an even saturation and prolonged extraction of grounds. This results in a flavorful, full-bodied and complex cup of coffee every time.

The kettle's ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and control during use, while the low-mounted spout and gooseneck curve offer flow rate flexibility. Whether you prefer a slow stream or a rapid flow, the Buono Kettle can accommodate any brewing method.

As a staple in the coffee industry, the V60 Buono Drip Kettle has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for manual coffee brewing. Its versatility and ease of use make it the perfect companion for any pour-over coffee brewer, especially when paired with the Hario V60 ceramic coffee dripper.

Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, the Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle is an essential tool that is sure to elevate your coffee game to new heights. It's no wonder that it was awarded the "Best New Product" at the 2009 World Tea Expo. Don't settle for a subpar pour-over experience – upgrade your brewing routine with the Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle today!

Item Number: VKB-120HSV
Size: W274×D144×H147mm
Capacity: Practical Capacity 800ml

Body, Lid: Stainless Steel
Handle, Knob of Lid: Phenol Resin

Made in Japan