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Green coffee bush with large leaves and green coffee cherries

This month Tour Pass coffee is a washed processed coffee from Finca La Montanita in La Palam, Chalatenango El Salvador. All 15 manzanas of Finca Montañita are planted with coffee plants, about 3,000 plants per manzana: Farm owner Antonio René Aguilar grows a combination of Pacamara, Pacas, Bourbon, and Gesha, as well as lemon and orange trees. He processes his coffees as Washed and Honeys: The Washed coffees are picked and de-pulped, fermented dry for 15–22 hours, and then washed and dried on patios for 8–14 days. The Honeys are dried on raised beds after de-pulping, for 8–14 days as well.

"All my life, I've dedicated myself to coffee," he says, and he has been able to grow the size of his farm and production over the years. He produces between 200–250 quintiles per year, and is glad to have coffee as a way to provide opportunities and employment to his family and to the workers on his farm; it pushes him to want to grow and sell more high-quality coffee.

Origin: El Salvador
Region: La Palma, Chalatenango
Farm: La Montañita
Variety: Pacas
Altitude: 1450 MASL 
Proc. Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: Sweet smooth mouthfeel; chocolate, toffee, and lemon flavors.

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