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Decaffeination Process

When it comes to decaf – there are three methods in which coffee is decaffeinated - Sugar Cane/Ethyl Alcohol, Swiss Water, and Methylene Chloride or MC.  We currently offer coffee using the Sugar Cane/Ethyl Alcohol decaffeinated process. This process is prevalent in countries that produce Sugar Cane (like Colombia). 

Once the sugar cane plant has reached its maturity, the plant is harvested and pressed to collect the liquid juice from the plant.  The sugar cane juice is fermented to produce alcohol (like we use Corn in the US for ethanol) and the natural by-product is ethyl acetate. The green coffee is then submerged into the EA which bonds to the caffeine.  Once this process is completed the coffee is steamed at low pressures to remove any residual EA.  The coffee is then dried and ready for our roaster!

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