Tour Pass Coffee Bio March

El Salvador - Finca Colomba

March's Tour Stop coffee is grown at Finca Colomba in the Alotepec-Metapán coffee growing region in El Salvador. This north-central region is a series of hard to access volcanic mountain ranges and grows some of the best coffee in the area. A father and son team who are first generation coffee producers bought the Finca in 2016 and have turned the farm back into its producing glory. Gerardo Jr. is entirely in charge of the farm’s management and processing, his committed vision of producing the best coffee has led him to experiment a great deal with different processing methods (honey, naturals, semi-washed) that have yielded superb results.

The farm is planted with Borbon and Pacamara varieties in defined lots with to plant Geisha and Kona varieties in the future. The first part of the farm was planted over 45 years ago, and the new part of the property within four years, which makes it a very promising farm. They use their own nursery to replant old or damaged trees. And the local school was built on donated land by their family. They are very sensitive to the need for rural education in their community. They also provide workers free land used to grow their food crops mainly corn, beans, and vegetables. They keep part of the farm as pine and oak forest as part of a strategy to diversify income sources.

Origins:  El Salvador
Farm: Finca Colomba
Regions:  Alotepec, Metapan
Process:  Natural
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1500-1700 masl
Roast Level: Medium
Flavor Notes:  Graham Cracker, Cranberry, Chocolate