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Rwanda - Nyakizu

Rwanda began coffee production in the 1930s, however, it was mostly low-grade, high volume green coffee dictated by the government. Today, Rwanda's production is much different and has grown to be Africa's ninth largest Arabica coffee producer with 450,000 small farms which average less than 165 trees per coffee farmer.   

This coffee comes from a producer that owns and operates washing stations and works with local farmers to source high-quality coffee in Rwanda. This co-op operates 3 washing stations and purchases from about 5,300 farmers to produce Nyakizu coffee. All the three stations are situation above 1,700m and the altitude of the farms is on average at 1,800m.  The Nyakizu region produces excellent coffee due to the fact the growing region is favorable to producing high-quality specialty coffee (good rain, high altitude, slow drying, cooler/longer nights).

Origins:  Rwanda
District:  Nyaruguru
Regions:  Nyakizu
Process:  Washed
Variety:  Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1700-1850 masl
Roast Level: Medium
Flavor Notes:  Caramel, light spices, creamy body