Nicaragua - Limoncillo

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Nicaragua - Limoncillo

We travel to Central America for this outstanding natural processed coffee from Nicaragua!  This coffee was grown on the Limoncillo Farm owned by the Mierisch Family.  Limoncillo is located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua at an altitude of 850-1110 meters. 

Limoncillo is a UTZ Certified farm and designates 76 manzanas (roughly 53 hectares) as protect land for conservation efforts. They follow UTZ's pillar, called the three P's (People, Planet, Profit), in order to better achieve sustainable farming.

Employees are crucial to Mierisch's operation and they make sure their workers are happy and paid fairly.  Since most coffee pickers live on the farm with their families during the harvesting season, all of their farms provide child daycare services and have access to elementary schools. Child labor is strictly prohibited on all their farms. During the harvest season, they make sure that the children of their pickers are provided free meals. Discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is also not allowed in the communities. The majority of our employees (roughly 70%) are women. From coffee pickers to upper management, women have contributed greatly to our growth and quality.

In regards to the environment, they do not add any sort of chemicals to any plants that are within 5 meters (around 16 feet) from any source of water. Any water used during the wet mill processing is recycled in a biodigesters in order to make sure that it is not contaminated. Limoncillo also produces their own renewable energy through our hydro powered turbines.

Origin: Nicaragua
Municipality: La Dalia
Department: Matagalpa
Farm Name: Limoncillo
Farm Manager: Fausto Martinez
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude:  850-1110 masl
Proc. Method:  Natural
Certification: Utz Certified
Awards: 2008 Cup of Excellence (2nd Place)