Kenya - Windrush

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Kenya - Windrush

This coffee originates from the Windrush Coffee Estate in Kenya. The Windrush Coffee Estate is a 187-hectare estate, in the Kiambu, the Central Highlands, region of Kenya. It’s run by approximately 300 Kenyan shareholders, who in the 1970s purchased the farm from a British settler. Rather than divide up the property, they kept it whole and have a board of directors and a manager who oversees the estate.

The coffee trees on the property are between 50 and 70 years old, and the great majority are SL 28. The estate owns its own washing station, where cherries are milled with river water that’s re-circulated before it’s disposed of in seepage pits. Before the coffee is delivered to the dry mill for secondary processing, it’s dried in the sun on traditional raised beds. The estate also grows tea. Tea trees cover the valley and slopes, and coffee trees stand on the top of a ridge.

Origin: Kenya
Region: Kiambu County
Farm Name: Windrush Coffee Estates
Variety: SL 28 , SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Altitude:  1500 masl
Proc. Method:  Washed
Cup Profile: Sweet, complex cup with a creamy body. There are notes of dark chocolate, black cherry and red currant.