Sumatra - Aceh Gayo Organic

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Located on the northern tip of Sumatra is a special territory of Indonesia named Aceh where the climate is almost entirely tropical. The Atu Lintang region of Aceh is home to the Amirta family mill and their various family farms. As owner/operators, the Amirta family has full control over the processing and milling, and gives meticulous detail to selection of ripe cherries that result in a unique Sumatra cup.

Origin:  Indonesia
Region:  Atu Lintang region of Aceh
Farm:  Amirta Family Farms
Variety:   Ateng, Bergendal & Djember
Altitude:  1400 masl
Proc. Method:  Semi-washed (wet hulled)
Tasting Notes:  Flavors of cocoa, molasses and citrus.