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What’s the best way to brew coffee?

We frequently get asked the question “what’s the best way to brew coffee?”.   Although the question certainly sounds easy to answer, there truly isn’t a ‘best’ method to brew coffee.  Coffee is a versatile ingredient and can be brewed in many, many ways.  So, there is no RIGHT, WRONG or BEST way to brew coffee – the best way is YOUR favorite brewing method.  Now don’t get us wrong, there are guidelines that will help make tasty coffee.  Follow these simple steps and you will be brewing coffee like your favorite café.                

  1. Use ONLY freshly roasted coffee from Encore Coffee. OK… OK… so you don’t have to use our coffee, but, why wouldn’t you?   The key point here is to use FRESH coffee… it will make a world of difference in your brewing experience.   We typically recommend you buy coffee only for a few week’s worths of consumption.
  1. Grind beans for your brewing method, and JUST BEFORE brewing. Let’s state that again… grind beans for your brewing method, and just before brewing.   Yes, it’s THAT important!  Coffee starts losing its aromatics and flavor as soon as the coffee is ground.  If you’re buying great freshly roasted coffees it’s wise to invest in a home grinder. 
  1. Use 2 Tbsp. (10g) Per 6 oz. Cup of Coffee. Let’s be honest… who drinks a 6 oz. cup?  Do cups that small even exist?   Whatever size your coffee ends up in, make sure to use the proper ratio of coffee to water.  Without getting too far in the weeds, the coffee to water ratio will dictate the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in the cup.   Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are basically the “stuff” or soluble solids in a liquid, basically the flavors which make coffee, coffee.  If you use too little coffee your cup will be underdeveloped (sour), use too much and it becomes bitter.   If you love to nerd out like us, head on over to the Specialty Coffee Association for more information.
  1. Use COLD, filter water. Why does water matter?  Because it makes up 98.75% of your ‘cup of coffee’.  Start with COLD water, not hot!   Hot water can have higher mineral content and may impact the flavor of your coffee.   For an easy solution, buy yourself a filter pitcher from one of the major brands.  Simply fill up the night before and place in your refrigerator.  When you’re ready to brew coffee, you have nice clean, cold, filtered water.


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